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We’re beginning our open beta launch process! If you are reading this, you already know why VRCHIVE exists or have a pretty good idea.

Here’s a refresher anyway since it has been a while:

The purpose of VRCHIVE is to help devs and creators reach more people in more places through virtual 360 photography, and to give people a place to see cool stuff every day. We support photos of games, apps, experiences, art, and screenshots of 360 videos.

How I got to writing this today:

4 years ago I wanted simply a place to upload 360 photos and view them in VR. I was using creative commons 360 photos off of Flickr to feel like I was somewhere else with my DK1. I bought a camera and a fisheye lens and started taking, stitching, and uploading panoramas.

3 years ago I wanted a low cost way to turn my phone into a pocketable VR device to view 360 photos anywhere I wear pants instead of only where I had a power outlet and foresight to bring my computer. This project was abandoned entirely after Google Cardboard, despite still being more portable and having higher quality lenses. Hardware is hard.

2 years ago I wanted more people to be able to take 360 photos, but hardware is hard. So let’s make 360 camera software in Unity. See if anyone uses it.

1 year ago Camera works and people use it. Works perfectly for making viral 3D 360 videos for YouTube, but we could do more with photos. So let’s see what we can improve about streaming, sharing, and viewing 360 screenshots. It’s a hassle to manually upload photos, it should just work and do it in the background automatically.

We have a new camera called Eyeshot. It’s designed with end users in mind, where 360 Panorama Capture is designed with a focus on in-editor use. With Eyeshot you can:

  • Talk to take a 360 photo w/ help from VoiceAttack or long press both triggers with Vive or Rift
  • Capture uncompressed 4K stereo or higher in realtime
  • Save locally OR stream to VRCHIVE accounts
  • Auto tag photos to source for better discoverability on VRCHIVE

Eyeshot is ready for Unity and coming to UE4 and three.js.

VRCHIVE now has:

  • Support for stereo cubemaps (12:1) and stereo spheres (1:1)
  • Native apps for GearVR and Vive, Rift is on the way pending Oculus Touch arrival
  • Enhanced filtering options
  • Enhanced random and trending browsing modes
  • Following and liking
  • A public directory to let people browse a sortable list of public projects
  • Streamlined manual uploading process
  • No early access code required for image, album, and embed urls
  • Viral 360 embeds for social media--reddit, twitter, medium, and more.

via Shitty_Watercolour

We are are priming press for an April 8th (when things are ready) launch date, but will be open to the public starting right now!

Articles and our coming soon blog (LastWeekInVR.com) may feature your screenshots with attribution, so it’s a good opportunity, it’s free, and taking a 360 screenshot with Eyeshot only takes a few minutes.

Thank you for supporting VRCHIVE and already being a part of our story. I look forward to helping each and every one of you reach more people and grow.

Email me via kai@vrchive.com with any questions or comments regarding VRCHIVE or Eyeshot. You can find more information on this blog.

Founder of VRCHIVE