Setting up a project on VRCHIVE

This post will guide you through the steps to create a project page and prepare you to stream 360 screenshots to it (or allow your players to.) Setting up a project is straightforward and will take only a few minutes.

Step One - Login/Signup for VRCHIVE

Step Two - go to

  • You can manage your projects here
  • Click "Add project"
  • Upload cover photo + icon
  • Fill out form
  • Save it with button at bottom
  • Document API key if proceeding with streaming

Project pages are designed to help VR devs and creators reach and interact with more people. With support for games, apps, experiences, art, videos, VRCHIVE can be used for almost any purpose within a certain scope of capabilities. Please tell us about proposed use-cases. We're still figuring this out and want to keep VRCHIVE as open to everyone as possible. Streaming is really fun, but not necessary in most games, apps, and experiences. Some may wish to only upload a few select screenshots that show off their project best. Others may wish to allow the public to tag their uploads to their project (especially for Social VR projects who want to share a real-time feed created by their players--more on how this works next.)

Step Three - Streaming (optional)