How to Stream 360 Screenshots to VRCHIVE with Unity

Eyeshot is the new name for 360 Panorama Capture, now with Vive support and we made a proper API to allow real-time streaming to VRCHIVE user accounts!

Skip Steps 1-4 if starting with a quick start sample project for Rift/Vive (SteamVR SDK) or Rift (OVR SDK).

Email us for support at

Importing and configuring

Step One - Download the Eyeshot plugin Unity package

Step Two - Import package to Unity project

Step Three - Select which SDK/HMD is being used

  • For No-VR, select "Init without VR"
  • For Oculus Rift, select "Init Oculus Rift" (OVR SDK)
  • For HTC Vive, select "Init HTC Vive" (OpenVR SDK)

Step Four - Add Eyeshot360Cam prefab to scene

  • Make sure you have OVRCameraRig, [CameraRig], or at least 1 active camera is in the scene.

Step Five - Press P key to save locally

If using without streaming, you are done. :)

Some editor settings will be overridden by VRCHIVE.ini as they are nice to change later post build. You can select which camera settings to hardcode in editor or set in the ini, and our recommended settings are default.


See Setting up a project on VRCHIVE before proceeding.

Step Six - Add API key from a VRCHIVE project

Step Seven - Add user token found @

  • This can be added in editor for fast testing or added after making a build via VRCHIVE.ini
  • VRCHIVE.ini is on by default, is found in the root directory of the project
  • VRCHIVE.ini is so people with VRCHIVE accounts can add their user token to this file and upload screenshots to their account automatically without ever leaving VR

Step Eight - Capture and stream a screenshot by pressing P key and see it appear on your project page


The default configuration includes a testing API key and user token baked in for testing purposes. Add your user token to VRCHIVE.ini or it will post using the testing user token included with the plugin.

We recommend stereo 360 4096x4096 PNG screenshots for streaming (fast/good) and stereo 360 8192x8192 PNGs for non-streaming use (slow/better).

We have a limit of 40MB per upload and convert to 4096x4096 or 6000x3000 JPG and optimize for fast loading across all devices so many people can enjoy VRCHIVE. We keep the originals backed up and actually display up to 6K stereo through native VRCHIVE apps. It doesn't hurt to upload higher resolution to VRCHIVE as long as it is under 40MB!